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Best of Brass show


At the end of last term around 440 Birkdale students attended the Best of Brass (BoB) show and got to experience five of the best Brass players in Queensland. It was fantastic to see so many kids and their parents enjoying the event. The show was very entertaining, as well as educational, and everyone loved the antics of the musicians. The music was wonderful, showcasing the many styles and music genres playable by brass instruments. Hopefully everyone took away something different from the show. Feedback from students was positive.

Brileigh : “I liked how they taught us how to BUZZ with our lips.”

Kayla : “I liked joining in and clapping. I thought the music was fantastic.”

Jake: “I thought that the whole show was just EPIC and I hope they come again. WOW!”

Daniel: “I liked all the funny parts especially when Sam bent over and played his trombone through his legs.”

Jessica: “When we were at the show I learnt that the smaller the instrument, the higher the sound.”

Craig: “I liked the trumpet when he used the mute to make the Wa Wa sound.”

Ella: “I liked conducting the Brass Band because I got to point to them and tell them when to play.”

Drew: “I loved seeing the Best of Brass for real. It gave me a different experience instead of seeing it on a computer.”