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Why choose our school?

Explicit School Improvement Agenda 2018
At Birkdale State School our goal is to ensure all students are operating above the National Benchmarks for Literacy and Numeracy. Our emphasis will be on providing the best opportunities to achieve the intended curriculum. We will achieve this through:
ü  Focus on targeted teaching of Reading
o  Explicitly  focussing on Reading through the embedding of the Birkdale State School Reading Framework and South East Region Reading Strategy  including decoding/comprehension skills
o    Data driven  student differentiation for Reading with a focus on improvement in the
       Upper 2 Bands
o    Individual student goals, strategies and targets for student improvement
o   Building staff capacity HOC/Peer Coaching approach; enhancing strong metalanguage and Reading pedagogy
ü  Focus on targeted teaching of Numeracy and Mathematics


o     Embed Birkdale Mathematics Program


o     Provide students with explicit strategies / tools for problem solving


o     Instructional Coaching model; Embed the Birkdale Mathematics Program


o     Data driven individual student goals, strategies and targets for student improvement

ü  Ensure the teaching of literacy and numeracy is consistent throughout the school as        identified in the research based Birkdale State School Pedagogical Framework
  •  Cooperatively develop and implement the Birkdale State School Pedagogical Framework
  • Embed the BSSPF in all literacy and numeracy activities
  • Build Teacher capacity in pedagogical practice using explicit PD and instructional coaching



    At Birkdale State School, we know literacy and numeracy are keys to improving student outcomes. We will:


ü  Continue our clear focus on literacy and numeracy by embedding them within all teaching
ü  Respond to a range of student achievement data and select strategies that meet individual
      learning needs
ü  Build teacher capacity and pedagogical practice using Instructional Coaching
ü  Clearly articulate sequences of learning for each year level.
ü  Provide quality resources to enhance the teaching of English and literacy, Mathematics and
ü  Embed ICTs and STEM across the curriculum to enhance student learning.
2018 Targets % of students
Year 3
NMS 97% U2B 48%
Year 5
NMS 97%  U2B 40%
Year 3
 NMS 97%  U2B 46%
Year 5
NMS  97% U2B 35%
Year 3
NMS 97%  U2B 38%
Year 5
NMS 97%  U2B 35%
Year 3
NMS 97% U2B 55%
Year 5
NMS 97% U2B 40%
Year 3
NMS  97%  U2B 35%
Year 5
NMS  97% U2B 35%
Students attending 95% or better
15 % increase in As and Bs in  English, Maths and Science  15% decrease in Ds and Es in  English, Maths and Science
PAT R  - Stanine 5 attainment as a minimum standard    PAT – M – Stanine 5 attainment as a minimum standard
85%  of students achieve PM Year Level benchmark        85% of students achieve PROBE Year Level benchmark