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Respect our staff campaign _school website article_.jpgRespect our staff campaign _school website article_85 KB
Parent PTO Booking Instructions Sem 2 2018.pdfParent PTO Booking Instructions Sem 2 2018475 KB
2016 PC Model-Constitution.pdf2016 P&C Model Constitution2016 PC Model-Constitution443 KB
audit-2012-8-page-profile.pdfAudit 2012 8 page profileaudit-2012-8-page-profile67 KB
audit-2012-executive-summary.pdfAudit 2012 executive summaryaudit-2012-executive-summary209 KB
audit-2012-parent-and-carers-factsheet.pdfAudit 2012 parents and carers factsheetaudit-2012-parent-and-carers-factsheet266 KB
BSS Annual Implementation Plan 2016.pdfBirkdale State School Annual Implementation Plan 2016BSS Annual Implementation Plan 2016415 KB
Birkdale-State-School-EMP-2014.pdfBirkdale State School Enrolment Management PlanBirkdale-State-School-EMP-2014124 KB
Birkdale-State-School-Enrolment-Management-Plan-snapshot.pdfBirkdale State School Enrolment Management Plan SnapshotBirkdale-State-School-Enrolment-Management-Plan-snapshot65 KB
Birkdale-State-School-Centenary.pdfBirkdale's Centenary, November 27, 12pm to 7pmBirkdale-State-School-Centenary725 KB
2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Prep.pdfBooklists2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Prep664 KB
2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 1.pdfBooklists2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 1671 KB
2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 2.pdfBooklists2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 2672 KB
2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 3.pdfBooklists2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 3669 KB
2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 4.pdfBooklists2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 4667 KB
2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 5.pdfBooklists2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 5670 KB
2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 6.pdfBooklists2018 BOOKLIST FORM Birkdale Year 6671 KB
Enrolment Agreement.pdfEnrolment agreement (PDF, 44KB)Enrolment Agreement44 KB
Great-results-guarantee.pdfGreat results guaranteeGreat-results-guarantee947 KB
Great-Results-Guarantee-2015.pdfGreat results guaranteeGreat-Results-Guarantee-2015354 KB
BSSsnapshot-report-template.pdfGreat Results Gurantee 2014 ReportBSSsnapshot-report-template314 KB
Investing for Success 2016.pdfInvesting for Success 2016Investing for Success 2016138 KB
Investing for Success - SER - Birkdale State School.pdfInvesting for Success 2017Investing for Success - SER - Birkdale State School243 KB
I4S - SER - Birkdale State School.pdfInvesting for Success 2018I4S - SER - Birkdale State School66 KB
Making a complaint.pdfMaking a complaint - Information for parents and carersMaking a complaint98 KB
BSS - Pedagogical Framework.pdfPedagogical FrameworkBSS - Pedagogical Framework80 KB
prep-handbook.pdfPrep handbookprep-handbook2199 KB
prep-indicator-booklet.pdfPrep indicator bookletprep-indicator-booklet511 KB
RBP Birkdale SS 2018.pdfResponsible Behaviour PlanRBP Birkdale SS 20181476 KB
SIU-Birkdale State School Executive Summary 2016.pdfSchool Improvement Unit - Birkdale State School Executive Summary 2016SIU-Birkdale State School Executive Summary 2016334 KB
state-school-consent-form.pdfState school consent formstate-school-consent-form78 KB
student-internet-form.pdfStudent internet formstudent-internet-form66 KB
2018 Tuckshop Menu.pdfTuckshop Menu2018 Tuckshop Menu230 KB
Uniform Price list September 2017.pdfUniform Price ListUniform Price list September 201740 KB