Sports Houses – named after the first three families to enrol at Birkdale State School.
Wilson:         Green
McNeilly:       Yellow
Woodgate:    Red
All children from Prep to grade six are assigned a sports house. Siblings are kept in the same house. The two main sports events where children compete in the house colours are the Athletics and Swimming carnivals.
Sports Competitions:
Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 participate in an interschool sporting competition in terms 2 and 4. This is a four week competition held on a Friday afternoon.
We also compete in a sporting competition, the Osprey Cup, which is organised by our main feeder high school. This is a whole day event held each term. Sports will vary – softball/tee ball; basketball; soccer; touch football.
Swimming lessons for grade 1-6 students are conducted in PE lessons in Terms 1 and 4.
Parent helpers assist with the management of this program.
Swimming training occurs before school (first 3 weeks of term 1) for students selected to compete in the District swim carnival and for 3 weeks in term 4 in preparation for our senior swimming carnival.
Track and Field:
Senior Carnival: Grades 3-6 – conducted early in Term 3
Senior students are selected to represent their sports house from results achieved in their PE lessons in the second term. The athletics carnival is held over three days: 1. High jump 2. 200m heats, long jump, shot put 3. Main Carnival day: March Past, 800m, 100m, 200m, ballgames and relays.
A team is selected to represent the school to compete at the District carnival. Training is held before school and during lunch hours in preparation for this event.
Junior Carnival: P-2 Sports Day – conducted on the Tuesday between Ekka holidays.
The children compete in sprints, relays and rotational activities. It is also an opportunity for parents to get involved with a sprint event being a popular event on the day. Senior students are used to supervise the rotational activities in the middle session.
Cross Country:
All children are encouraged to participate in our training program which is held in Term 1 in preparation for the district cross country trials. Our fitness program is held on Agnes Street oval before school three mornings a week and students in grades 3-6 are invited to attend. Some students will attend these sessions hoping to gain selection in the school cross country team, while others use it purely as a fitness activity.
Before School Training:
Our before school training program is open to students in grades 3-6. This program is dictated by the sports being conducted at District level. Training is held on Agnes Street oval from 7:50 – 8.35am on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Term 1: Swimming and Cross Country
Term 2: Cross Country and Track and Field
Term 3: Track and Field
Term 4: Fitness and swimming.
Representative Opportunities:
Children are encouraged to attend trials in order to gain selection at the Bayside District level.
School sport representation at a primary school level is open to students aged 10-12yr. The age of students is determined by their year of birth – in 2016 students born in 2006 will compete in the 10yr division.
Birkdale sends teams to the swimming, cross country and track and field carnivals and will select students to attend all individual sports trials such as netball, football etc.
Students selected in the Bayside District team will compete at the Metropolitan East trials.
Teachers and parents are involved with the training of the students to offer a program that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, while also offering the opportunity to represent at a higher sporting level.
Last reviewed 12 March 2020
Last updated 12 March 2020